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restoring: what is the best method?


did an archive/install of leopard to troubleshoot something, but messed up and lost of my "previous systems" folder. now i want my hard drive to be EXACTLY the same as my bootable superduper clone on my external USB drive.

however, it seems like there are multiple ways to go about this:

1. superduper's restore feature: i'm tempted to go this route, and choose the "Erase [internal HD], then copy files from [external HD]" option, as opposed to smartupdate, because i really don't want ANY vestige of my current internal HD left.

2. disk utility's restore: external HD as the "source," internal HD as the "destination," "Erase destination" checked off.

3. re-install leopard: then migrate data from the bootable clone. but will this really migrate EVERYTHING over??

anyone know which is the BEST way to go? if i choose to use superduper's restore, am i right in being skeptical of smartupdate? i can just imagine all kinds of conflicts with, ical, safari settings........especially since my internal HD files will be more "up to date," but less what i want.
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