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emailing log files on completion?

I've been using SuperDuper to maintain bi-daily backups of a computer that runs my house.

Basically, at the start of each month, I wipe and create a full sparseimage backup on a time capsule disk.

Then, through 3 separate scheduled events, I do smart updates of that backup every other day for the rest of the month.

My question is: Can I get the log files for each of these backups mailed to me so I know they work?

I recently filled the Time Capsule, so I "erased" the files on it, knowing that the backup that happened on August 1st would start over. Unfortunately, it didn't, since the scripts recorded the internal "disk ID" of the sparseimage and wouldn't create a new one from scratch.

I didn't catch that until today, but if I'd been getting emails of each log, I could have caught it that first night. I've checked the User Guide, but there's no mention of any way to do emailed log files.

Has anybody done this? Are you willing to share your solution?

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