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Can SuperDuper periodically backup MBP HD and 3 FW Lacie HDs to one Drobo?


I recently had one of my external Lacie hard-drives fail and now I have learnt the hard way that I need to back-up all of my data. I have a MacBook Pro (320GB internal HD) and three firewire Lacie drives (250, 320, 320 GB), each with only one partition. I would like to back up everything, say, once a week, giving a bootable backup of the MPB HD and copies of the 3 Lacies. I know nothing about RAID, but would like the backup to be backedup, so the Drobo seemed right.

When I upgraded my internal MBP HD and made a bootable copy, I am certain that nothing else was allowed in the volume. Does that mean I need to partition the Drobo? Do I need a partition for each drive, or one for the MBP and one for all of the three Lacies? Or am I going in the wrong direction as I have a suspicion that Drobo cannot be partitioned?

I am on Tiger, so don't have Time Machine, but was impressed with SuperDuper for the MBP HD upgrade and want to stick with it. I'm assuming SuperDuper will be able to work out which files have changed since the last backup and only update those.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

cheers hoek
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