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Scheduled mount and unmount of disk image

Besides my full disk backup to an external drive, I also backup a few important directories to a remote filesystem on my webhosting account (Dreamhost). I mount and access my Dreamhost SSH account using MacFuse/SSHFS/MacFusion, and in that directory, I have copied over an Encrypted Disk Image.

As I only copy to this disk image once a week, and don't want this filesystem and image mounted all the time (Finder goes bonkers when the network connection is lost with these mounted), I just want to mount and unmount this disk image during a scheduled backup from SuperDuper.

Am I able to do this via SuperDuper? Or must I do this via Apple scripts or similar?

At the scheduled time, I want it to:

1. Mount my Dreamhost SSH directory via MacFuse/SSHFS/MacFusion
2. Mount the Encrypted disk image
3. Perform the backup to the disk image
4. Unmount the disk image
5. Unmount the Dreamhost directory

Thanks for any help.
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