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Best Itunes Library Backup Settings, Scripts?

New to backing up...
What are optimum or suggested iTunes library back-up settings?

I'm using a Pushbutton Seagate 400 GB (FW initio) drive to back up my iTunes library located on another OWC 250GB FW drive. Clone booting from the Seagate works fine! I'm not exactly sure of the best Super Duper "Options" selections for backing up my 175GB and growing, music library.
Loosing 175 GB of collected music would be a real bummer.

I have initially chosen "Backup all files" and then "Copy new files" once a week.

What options are suggested, or are there any useful scripts developed which could be easily copy-pasted in the scripts set up?
I don't understand all the reasons for writing scripts to leave certain files alone during backup, but it seems like one reason would be so Super Duper doesn't run a long time updating trivial data, like last played dates in iTunes, when doing regular updates.

Also, a script was suggested so Super Duper doesn't update, IIRC, photos.

Thanks, Dave
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