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Installing individual apps from clone

I'm so sorry this will have to be long!

My basic questions are:

• Can I install Microsoft Outlook from my bootable clone to my MacBook Pro?
• Can I use a Smart Update with a new MBP that is virtually identical to my previous MBP?

The regrettably long background info:

I purchased a new MacBook Pro about two weeks ago. At the time, I bought and installed Office for Mac 2011 Home & Student. I later found that I could not use my old e-mail application with my new computer and purchased the MS Outlook e-mail program online. I have a product key and a Product ID number.

Yesterday, my MacBook Pro failed, and the Apple Retail Store exchanged it for a new one. They migrated all my data from the first MBP to the second MBP. When I tried to launch Outlook for the first time on my newest MBP, I got an activation message requesting my product key. I inadvertently typed my Office for Mac key into the box rather than my Outlook key. I got a message that the key was invalid. I closed the activation box.

I discovered my mistake and tried to open Outlook again. This time, I got a message saying, “To use this feature, you need to upgrade your version of Office for Mac.” Well, I already did that once.

I did make a SuperDuper bootable clone of my first MacBook Pro before it was exchanged for my second MacBook Pro. So presumably, I have a copy of the Outlook program on the clone. So, again, my questions:

• Can I install the Outlook program from my clone to my MBP? If so, how?

• And can I run Smart Update on my newest MBP or will I have to start from scratch, as if I were creating my first bootable clone?

My deep apologies for my complex problem. And THANK YOU!
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