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Question SuperDuper Backup restore

Today SuperDuper rescued me! Somehow my iMac with OS 10.6.3 froze and stucked while rebooting. No chance to boot it any more even wit PRAM reset and all those tricks. So i booted from my SuperDuper Backup-Drive.
But now i am a bit confused about what i should do now. The current situation looks like this:

Macintosh HD
From this internal Drive i can't boot anymore. Don't know why. But i can access it right now from my SuperDuper-Backup i am currently using. So it's obvious that the Macintosh HD drive is not totally damaged.

This is my SuperDuper Backup from which i have booted now. Without it i would not be able to post here. This Backup is about 4 days old. And because i am currently working on an pretty complex project, this Backup does not contain lots of document files i have created or modified during the last 4 days.

This Drive (besides the MAcintosh HD) contains all the document files i mentioned above and i really need. The last Time MAchine Backup was made about 30 minutes before my problem appeared.

So what should i do now? I can't simply restore my SuperDuper Backup to the Macintosh HD because i would lose my important documents of the last 4 days. I also cannot seriously work with the SuperDuper-Backup because the System is slower and i am afraid to mess up everything.

Any help is appreciated.
Sorry for any bad english, i am no native speaker.

And by the way:
I am really happy i purchased SuperDuper. It's really a big help at the moment !!! And thank you for reading this awfully long text....

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