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Slooow copying


My macbook collapsed the other day. I can't boot it anymore. The harddrive was full and it had become really slow.

I have connected a macbook pro on firewire. When copying files with finder it was really slow and made errors all the time. So a had to find another way to get my data out.

I was so happy to discover SuperDuper. Now i cleared the space needed to copy about 140 GB. I only chose to copy the "user" folders.

Now SuperDuper has been running for 21 hours. It says:

774,907 of 864,551 files evaluated. 15,956 files copied. Effective copy speed 1.06 mb/s. 119.11 GB evaluated. 0.00 mb already up to date, 78,99 GB copied.

Do i just have to wait another 10-20 hours for it to finish?

I have tryed making spotlight for this new copy be private, because some forum said that helped. I have also disabled (renamed a file) the isight camera, said to in the whitepapers.

So I need help to get my speed up or at least certanty that i just have to wait long enough for my copy to finish.
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