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problems restoring from image

New Mac user here. My setup: powerbook with several partitions (partition1: system, partition2: users, partition3: data etc.) and external firewire drive, with 2 partitions. There is only one user with home directory /Volumes/partition2/user.

Creating bootable copy of the system partition to the first partition of the firewire drive and restoring from it works fine. Creating an image of the "users" partition to the second partition of the second drive works fine. The problem is restoring from that image, SuperDuper gives an error that the target partition is busy. It makes sense because this is where the user partition is.

Obvious solution is to have the user home directories on the first partition (but that would increase the sizes of the backup images).

I tried to change the home directory, so that the second partition is not in use, for some reason this doesn't work, even after rebooting the system.

Another thing that I could do is to create a separate user with home directory in the first partition, login using this user and restore the home directory of the first user.

Any ideas for simpler solution?
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