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Thanks for the quick reply. I tried to install OS X from the install disk onto the USB drive, and it wouldn't install, thus confirming, albeit indirectly, what you said about OS X not booting from a USB drive.


I have an add-on USB 2.0 PCI card, so I should have 2.0 speeds, no?

My firewire ports on the G4 are hosed...this is the second time they've gone out! The first time the machine was under warranty, so the logic board was replaced for free. I'm not sure I want to pay through the nose for the board to be replaced again!

I have tried an add-on PCI firewire card, but with the card installed, the computer won't go into deep sleep. A quick Google search turned up the fact that this seems quite fact, I couldn't find any reference to anyone who could successfully add a PCI firewire card and get sleep to work.

I'm not liking my options here...does anyone have any thoughts?
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