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A different angle on SD & Time Machine integration

Hi Dave,

I'm thinking of upgrading to 10.5. I've read your "Time's Arrow" blog post and all of the threads here concerning SD & Time Machine integration. I realize SD for 10.5 isn't complete yet, and I'm perfectly willing to wait.

However, my question is related to how Time Machine and SD would work together in a Sandbox / Hard Drive configuration. That is, right now in my Mac I have a Sandbox running on a fast boot disk, and my normal "Hard Drive" on another internal disk. I've really grown to love this set-up for its flexibility and security, and another significant advantage is that apps like Photoshop seem to run much faster on a dedicated boot drive without the user directory and other files on it.

I'm confused, though, about how this configuration would work with Time Machine. It seems like it wouldn't... because if Time Machine is running on the Sandbox, it's only going to back up what's on the Sandbox - right? Which does not include any user files, preferences or really anything else except applications & system changes.

And yet Time Machine can't be running on the Hard Drive, since I'm booted on the Sandbox.

So it would seem that if I choose to use 10.5 and Time Machine, I'll have to abandon the Sandbox configuration... which is a real shame. Unless I'm missing something?

But I guess the whole idea with Time Machine is to negate the need for a Sandbox, since one can easily revert to an earlier "snapshot" of the drive with Time Machine in the same way one could do it with Sandbox.

What Time Machine can't do, however, is make my OS install and apps run as fast as they did on a dedicated sandbox drive.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, Dave (and anyone else facing the same dilemma!)
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