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Post SD backups over local WiFi network = Time Machine?

Apples AirPort Utility/TimeCapsule duo (= Time Machine (TM) over WiFi locally) is becoming obsolete (my TCs getting old and will surely fail sooner or later), so Im trying to create a robust and reliable TM-like replacement (not using Apple soft- and hardware) to back up our two Macs (Big Sur, soon M1 Macs). I already make regular SD clones to an external wired SSD, so our TM backups need only to sequentially back up data, but dont have to be bootable. Your blog entries about backup strategies and SDs capabilities are now a few years old, so maybe things (hard- and software) have changed/improved since then, so heres my question now:

Can SD work over my local WiFi network (probably to an NAS device or similar), robustly and reliably? Using Smart Updates, how far back in the past/how many snapshots can I store? (Were doctors, and GDPR dictates that our confidential data may not leave our premises, so cloud services are out.)
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