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How do I store a bootable backup side-by-side with my Time Machine data?

It's actually really simple. Assuming the Time Machine volume is properly partitioned and formatted for the Mac (as "GUID" for Intel Macs, or "Apple Partition Map" for Power PC), and is boot compatible to start with, just use "Backup - all files" with Smart Update to store a bootable backup on the drive. Your Time Machine backups will be preserved.

The What's going to happen? section of the main window will tell you exactly what will happen to your Time Machine data.

Note that it's better to store your SuperDuper! backup on its own partition, because Time Machine will eventually take over the entire drive... but it's not required, and if you have a large backup drive and a relatively small source, it will take a very long time.

Finally, if you do have your backup side-by-side with Time Machine data, and you want to start up from it and do a full restore, use the "Restore - all files" script rather than "Backup - all files". This works just like "Backup - all files", but skips the Time Machine data (which you don't want copied).
--Dave Nanian

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