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2.7.2 Buggy

Every Saturday I clone my #1HD to a #2HD and a #3HD. Today was the first time using 2.7.2.

The clone #1 -> #2 seemed to go normally although I noticed that the prebinding update and splotlight updates are no longer done; I assume this is simply a change.

The clone of #1 -> #3 didn't go normally. The elapsed time stopped at about 1 minute and 10 seconds (clone usually takes about 6 minutes). Also the progress in terms of files processed stopped while the progress bar still moved. In the end the clone "froze" after the progress bar reached the end with no indication that #3 was bootable. Hit the stop button.

Re-did the clone #1 -> #3 using 2.7.1 and it went as anticipated updating only 179 files. I assume that is because I had to launch my browser to download 2.7.1 and the browser (Firefox) profile contains about 200 files.

I'm running the latest version of Maverick on a Mac Pro.
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