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Question 1st backup clone to ext dr estimated time ??

just purchased and registered superduper. & tried it for the first time initial clone backup to 60 external firewire HD . ( from 20 internal HD with 12 free space, 54,000folders & 228,511 files)

any estimated time for initial superdupering from 20 HD to 60 ext HD. ?? osxpanther. followed all printed manual instructions to the letter and all went well.

I quit after 1 hr 55 min. upper process bar was 1/16th blue; lower bar 1/3 blue.

I know first takes longer, but how much time do you thiink would be appropriate ?????


Newnan, GA USA
mac bronze PISMO 500 pwbk; 756 Ram
20 HD/ Ext 60
OS X.3.4
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