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Is it ok to backup 2 seperate HD's to one HD?


I recently purchased SuperDuper! and thanks to your help used it with great success in cloning and upgrading to a larger HD. Thanks!

Now I want to know if I can use SuperDuper! to backup my internal HD and external My Book Pro HD to a second external My Book Pro HD?

My internal HD has one 92.84 GB partition and the the external firewire drive has one 465.44 GB partion.

The second external firewire MyBook Pro HD currently has only one partition. Can I create two partitions within this drive ("Internal Backup" and "External Backup") for backing up with SuperDuper? The Internal backup would be a 92.84 GB partition and the External backup would be a 372.60 GB partition.

Would this work? Or is it recommended to backup each drive to it's own separate drive, and not to one drive with two partitions?


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