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Lightbulb Image creation unexpectedly slow? Try this!

In versions prior to v1.2.1, SuperDuper! created compressed images by default. The compression process itself takes a significant amount of time, but -- as you might expect -- the result is a smaller DMG.

If you've got plenty of disk space, though, the time taken by the compression process can become rather -- well -- tiresome.

Fortunately, it's easy to change. Open SuperDuper!'s preferences (in the Application menu), and select "No Compression". This will convert the image much faster, and -- if you've got the disk space -- will save you a ton of time.

Starting with v1.2.1, the default for image creation became "No compression" but can, as before, be changed in the preferences.

Another tip: while SuperDuper! is operating, it shows two "progress bars", once of which shows the status of the current operation, and one of which shows the status of the whole "session". These status bars, while helpful, require a decent amount of CPU to animate.

By hiding the SuperDuper! program (with Cmd-H), you can eliminate the overhead of animating these bars. On slower systems, this can result in significantly faster image creation!

Hope that helps some of you -- and thanks for using SuperDuper!
--Dave Nanian

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