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When I use a Safety Clone, LaunchBar isn't locating my Applications!

When you're booted from a Safety Clone, and sharing Applications and User Data, LaunchBar has trouble locating some shared applications (specifically, those stored in shared folders below /Applications itself, e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Toast Titanium 6, and some others).

To resolve this problem, you need to make a small change to LaunchBar. Here's how:

1. Open LaunchBar's configuration panel (Cmd-y).

2. Add a new entry to the list.

3. Enter "Applications" for the name, and "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Applications" (use the name of your original drive -- not the Safety Clone -- for "Macintosh HD", if yours wasn't called "Macintosh HD") for the folder.

4. Make sure the scan type is set to "Applications", perform setup scan is set to "Automatic", and you've checked both "Enabled" and "Scan subfolders"

That should do it!
--Dave Nanian
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