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Exclamation AirPort base station as server: can't connect!

If you're having trouble connecting to your server from a wireless client, and the server is acting as a "software base station", here's how to work around the problem.

First, a bit of background: netTunes locates its server using Rendezvous (under Jaguar) or SLP (under 10.1.x). Neither of these "location services" works across NAT, which your software base station is using to distribute network connectivity to your wireless client. Because of this, the netTunes client on the other side of the NAT bridge can't automatically find its server.

All hope is not lost, however! netTunes has features in it that are specifically designed to handle situations like this.

The first step is to lock down the server's communication port. Normally, netTunes "randomly" choose an open port to communicate with its clients. However, when you can't use its automatic location features, it's best to lock down the port to make it easier to connect after a server restart.

To do so, open the netTunes Preference Pane on the server, and stop the server. Once stopped, you'll be able to type a port into the field (which will have a 0 in it if it's set to randomly allocate). Use any open port value -- for example, 49170 -- netTunes will tell you if the port is busy when you try to start the server.

Restart the server by clicking the Start Server button. The port number will grey, but should continue to be the value you selected.

Now, you need to determine the IP address of the server machine. To do so, open the Internet preference pane, and navigate to the non-Airport adapter. The internet address is listed on the left side.

Now, supplied with the port and ethernet address of the server, it's time to tell the client about them. To do so, you'll use the "Add Server" command in the server menu. Put the IP address and port from the previous steps into the proper fields, and click "Add Server".

Once that's done, you should be able to click "Show iTunes" and everything should work great!

Hope this helps any of you who might have run into this issue.
--Dave Nanian
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