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Originally Posted by AVT View Post
One question. I've created the scripts in the original post, but what is the "daily backup script" referenced in the original post? The problem is that SuperDuper gets stuck when it launches and the external drive is not already mounted and the only option is "cancel." I need to automatically mount the external drive before SuperDuper even launches. How do I do that?
AVT: What I do is to set iCal to run a mount script about a minute or 2 before SD is scheduled to run.

My mount script is: (compiled & saved as an application in Script Editor, and set to run as an alarm in iCal)

set diskName to "Backup"
set deviceName to do shell script "diskutil list | grep \"" & diskName & "\" | awk '{print $6}'"
do shell script "diskutil mountDisk /dev/" & deviceName
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