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Originally Posted by dnanian
Winston: the only way to estimate the size of the sparse image is to actually go through all of the files on the source, select the ones that will be selected by the script, and add up the sizes. Doing so, before each backup, would be extremely time consuming every time the backup takes place. That's why we don't do it.

A warning might be useful, once. But typically this kind of thing is ignored after the first time (if it's read at all the first time through)...

Again, we're improving this in v2.0. and the default will be to create a sparse image, which won't take 2x the space... but we won't, at least in v2.0, be calcuating whether or not the backup will fit on the destination.

That said, I'm willing to revisit the decision later on, as time permits...
lol I downloaded SD! and used it for the first time today. Got into the same predicament as Winston did. I selected Bakup-User Profile option on my mac mini disk. The target was a FW disk with 30GB space left. After 1.5 hours, the backup failed and I was left with the sparse disk image.

Anyhow, I didn't read the manual that carefully and was a bit surprised to see the two step procedure. I am excited about the clone feature and will try that out later.

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