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Thanks for the answers - that's a big help. (and will no doubt save me a lot of time)

Originally Posted by dnanian
Let me try to answer:
3. No, it can't without processing all the files first. Since you'd have to pay that cost for every backup, rather than just the occasional out-of-space failure, it didn't seem to be worth the penalty. (It's also not a guarantee, because the drive can change during processing...)
As I mentioned on the thread about backing up to CDs, it would be easy to check for space available after the sparse image is made, but before the DMG image is started.

The advantage would be that instead of having a complete failure of the backup, there would still be the sparse image. A full backup in a slightly "off" format seems far better than no backup.

SD! could have an option to convert the sparse image to a DMG later, when more disk space is available.

Thanks for your patience with me!

- Winston
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