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Booting from an SD backup post Mavericks causes "FIPS Kernel POST Failed!" panic

I've been successfully making backups with SuperDuper! for years, and after completion I always test that I can boot from the backup drive.

After upgrading to Mavericks, I did my first SD backup using Smart Update to a target drive that already had a working, bootable backup that was made earlier with SD from Mountain Lion.

The backup itself was successful, and I can't see any obvious errors in the log file.

However, when I try to boot from the backup drive, I get an error very early in the boot process, just after the Apple logo appears:
panic(cpu 0 caller ...): FIPS Kernel POST Failed!
Further down it says "Kernel Extensions in backtrace:"

This is repeatable every time I try to boot from the backup, and never happens at any other time. I option-booted back to my primary drive and everything is fine again. I've attached a screenshot of the full error message.

From the error, it looks like some kind of cryptographic check is failing. Any idea what this is about? Did Apple do something new and evil in Mavericks to interfere with cloning a system drive?

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