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Originally Posted by sjk View Post
Have you seen some recent related comments: here?
Thanks for the response. AFAIK, The OS shouldn't have been the issue in this case.

The '07 MacBook Pro was running 10.6.6 when I cloned it with all the latest Mac OS updates applied to it. That's why I was shocked when the '11 MacBook Pro wouldn't boot after copying the sparse dmg to to the '11 MBP with the SuperDuper app.

I've upgraded dissimilar Mac hardware before and the clones worked perfect, so I figured going from an old MBP to a new one would've been a snap.

I'm thinking it might be the radically different new i7 architecture of my new '11 MBP from the old "core2 duo" in the old '07 MBP?

But, once again.... I'm now worried about the reliability of utilizing SuperDuper with my '11 Macbook Pro now as well. Has anyone made a successful sparse dmg to one yet? Or just a bootable hard drive?

I would do it and test it myself, but this whole problem of the clone failing cost me tremendous amounts of time already and I just can't do that right now as a guinea pig when I have clients flipping out because of all my down time.
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