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Exclamation '07 MacBook Pro clone to new '11 MacBook Pro (Clone failed)

I read here at the Shirt Pocket website:

You can even take your backup to a totally different Macintosh, start up from it, and work while your failed Macintosh is in the shop... then, when it comes back all fresh and shiny, restore things and keep working. And even if the other Mac is a different CPU type, you can still open and edit the files on the backup.
So I was very dismayed when I attempted to clone a sparse dmg superduper clone via the superduper app from the '07 MBP to my new '11 MBP and it failed to boot at all.

I know Shirt Pocket said it would boot another CPU, but doesn't that also mean I could utilize SuperDuper to transfer one clone to another computer? And, if not, can someone please clarify under what specific circumstances will this not work?

I've been very happy with SuperDuper over the years and this is the first time a clone I've made hasn't worked. But I would never have gotten rid of my previous '07 MBP and only relied on the SuperDuper dmg clone if I had known this wouldn't work properly.

Because of not keeping my old '07 MBP and after the clone failed to boot on the new one, I had to resort to using Apple Migration with the SuperDuper sparse dmg and it was a nightmare where very little transferred over and I'm having tons of permissions issues.

I really think for the sake of your customers, you need to be far more specific about the compatibility and the practicality of using SuperDuper to clone one machine and transfer it to another machine.

I'm sorry if I sound disappointed, but this was a really bad ordeal counting on a clone that didn't work and it really cost me.

I do feel dumb for counting on SuperDuper without making 100% sure it would work, but I also really wish Shirt Pocket would be much more specific with the claims made on that page or at least a link to more details so no one else gets burned.

Once again, I really have appreciated how well SuperDuper has worked for me over the years, but this burned me pretty bad. Feel free to ask as many question as you like, I wouldn't doubt that I've left vital info out here and I also would like it if my post saves others from trouble too.

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All that said, has SuperDuper been shown to work at all with bootable clones for the new '11 MacBook Pros or do we need an update for it to work? I really don't want to be the guinea pig and get caught without a reliable backup for this machine.

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