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just tried it again from scratch. guess I had done something wrong the first time as this time it went smoothly and showed the progress what was being copied , which was not the case in the initially. 1hr 55 min. this time was a cinch.. am working from it right now so all seems to have gone smoothly. havent booted from it yet as I have to find the info on which key to press at startup to give option of what want as startup drive. but will do that later.

no the first time I was not using the computer.

am wondering if down the road I should partition in order to be able to use the whole 60 hd (having a partition for things that I will want to install that I dont have on my internal HD-- like photos etc-- that I will not want deleted with future superduper copying).... does that make sense ? I am assuming that anything on a separate partition would not be touched by future superdupering ?


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