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Originally Posted by Steve Kir View Post
Please tell us if your Restore from an SD clone worked.
The Restore is only around 12 hours old, and I'm only now using the computer for the first time since, but so far so good.

Some things about it were a bit unexpected:

1. Although there's a Restore tab, it's apparently not functional in the unregistered version of SD. Yet doesn't it do exactly the same thing that a 'full backup' (i.e., in reverse, from clone to internal HD) does?

2. Following the Restore, I wasn't able to remove the drive icon for the clone drive's boot partition from the Desktop. I took a guess and restarted (w- <Option> key held down) selecting the internal drive as the boot drive. I was then able to remove the clone drive's icon. I don't follow the logic of why that happened, though -- since the booting was already over and done with. Is the boot volume simply not able to be ejected?

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