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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
The steps are the same: you start up from the backup and use "Backup - all files" to copy from the backup back to the internal drive.
Thanks. I'm not sure how to start from the backup. Is it just: hold down 'Option' key during or after restarting, and then there's a menu that allows the user to choose which drive to start from?

Also, does "Backup - all files" mean that anything new on the internal drive will be overwritten? Or is it only files with the same name as those on the backup drive that will be overwritten?

Can the new version of Firefox I now have be prevented from being overwritten just by temporarily renaming it?

In other words, is it possible to selectively preserve some files on the internal drive (other than copying them to a different hard drive, etc.) so that they're not lost when I restore from the external drive?

Thanks again.
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