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Originally Posted by pburt16 View Post
What is the purpose of four G5 internal drives on an intel Mac?
My 2 ... My primary workstation is a G5 DualCore. It has but two internal drive bays, with only one empty. I have the original 250GB drive and added a 1TB. I wish I had four. Why?...

1) Speed. SATA is (I believe) at least 2.5 times faster than FireWire 800.
2) Clean and uncluttered desk, free of external drives.
3) Drive choice. I buy Seagate. They come with a five-year warranty. I've nailed external drive makers in the past who said my drive was out of warranty (their warranty of one year) yet I pointed out to them the drive had a three year warranty. They would have charged me for a new drive, but I made noise and got it for free under the drive's warranty.
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