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SD / RAID Mac Recommendations

Let me state, prior to my question, that I already do regular backups of my data. However, I'm a new convert to SD. So, I don't need a lecture on the value of backups. I'm trying to understand how to set up a fast and safe system that utilizes the power of multiple internal (and/or external) drives.

I have a handle on the basics of RAID 0, 1, & 5. What I can't quite wrap my mind around is how to set up the system. My basic system consists of a Power PC G5 dual HD with an external HD that I have been using for backups. The internal drives are being used as JBOD and don't provide any performance boost.

The big question is:
What is the purpose of having an extra internal hard drive (or more) if people generally recommend NOT striping internal drives together as a huge system disk. And, why this is a bad idea, even if you are regularly backing up that disk with a backup drive (for SuperDuper) and/or external Raid 1 array. Is RAID a good idea? What is the purpose of four G5 internal drives on an intel Mac?

I am trying to understand the possibilities and would like to hear from folks who have RAID setups, multiple internal drives, and how to best set up my Mac system.

I'd appreciate any advice,
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