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Thanks, Michael. I think the best thing to do in this particular case is to (uses "hypno-voice") send the Infiniti to meeeee.

Seriously, though, we consciously take a VERY conservative approach to error handling, because we don't know (automatically) how important a file is to back up and -- very often -- the user doesn't either. If the failure is on a "boot-critical" file, for example, not backing it up could mean you've got a rather ineffective backup!

So, we stop the backup. If the user knows what the file is, they can take appropriate steps, and Smart Update will automatically continue from the proper location (it won't copy files that are already there, and will do any rearranging that the "fix" requires). If they don't, support is here for them to help make an informed decision on how to continue...

This kind of thing doesn't happen very often, fortunately, as it indicates some basic damage on the drive or in the file structure. Once corrected, you should be OK. But, in case it's a pending physical problems, I suggest that you download a copy of the nice, free program SMARTReporter from VersionTracker. It'll inform you if your drive indicates that it's having issues, which will give you extra time to take action.
--Dave Nanian
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