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New User Strategy

Dave Nanian

I've recently experienced 2 hard drive disasters which necessitated 2 complete catalog rebuild and restore sessions with Retrospect backup sets. Each took over 5 hours of nervous time. There has got to be a better way. As a result I've discovered and decided to use your SuperDuper software and procedures.

I've ordered an external firewire hard drive which I intend to partition to use as as (1) a bootable Backup and (2) as a bootable Safety Clone.
If I understand your strategy correctly, after I set up the partitioned external drive I should regularly boot from the Safety Clone including when planning to install new system updates, applications, etc. When ready to install these new system updates & applications on my main Mac HD I would boot from that volume, do the installations and then "smart update" the Safety Clone. Additionally, Smart Updating the Backup partition from the main HD should also be done regularly, probably daily.
Have I interpreted your very well done instruction manual correctly?
Thanks for your help and your program.

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