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My wants list

I use firewire drives as backups. And I name the partitions on the FW drives the same as those on the internal hard drives. It seems that whichever the boot drive, it will be at the top of the list of partitions to clone from and to. I don't recall that being noted in the documentation, but maybe I missed it.

This is not too much of a problem when cloning from non-FW to FW, but when going FW to FW the drive icons look the same. I just need a little more assurance that I'm picking the correct drives.I know that the program appends a 1 or a 2 to the end of volumes that have the same name as those on the boot disk, but I don't fully trust the assumptions that generates.
I tried applying the red label to all the partitions on my FW1 disk and green labels to my FW2 disk. Unfortunately there is no indication of label colors in the copy dialogue window. And... when you start the clone procedures, after the target volume has been erased, there is an error message about not being able to apply permissions to the volume. I tried this a couple of times and it wasn't until I removed the label from the target volume that the clone would work.

I know this may be a tough function to add but for those of us who MUST maintain the same partition names on our various disks due to certain software, like Dreamweaver, it would help our peace of mind.

I also noted that changing the drive name by simply highlighting it and replacing the text, resulted in the partition sometimes not showing up in the "TO" list.


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