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Using SD to Move from One Machine to Another


I'm a former CCC user, and am excited to find SD, which seems to be more straight forward.

Here's my project:

I have a new Powerbook G4 17 and I want to move everything on it to a new Powerbook G4 12, then reformat and install OSX on the 17 for someone else to use.

I'm guessing the best way to transfer from the 17 to the 12 is to:

1) do a "backup - all files" from the 17 to my external HD
2) boot the 17 from the external after the backup to see if the backup works.
3) Shutdown, attach the external to the 12 and boot up from the external.
4) Then do a "backup - all files" from the external to the 12, while the 12 is running from the external.
5) Test.
6) Enjoy.

Question 1: Am I right about the above?

Question 2:The 17 and the 12 are physically close relatives, but not identical. Does putting the exact image of the 17 onto the 12 introduce any strange problems?

Question 3: Isn't ASR supposed to fit into the process somewhere? If so, how?

Thanks for the great software,

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