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Originally Posted by dnanian
Hello, Mr. Traveler.

I'd encourage you, in these situations, to back up your base drive (typically "Macintosh HD"). Should the update mess up something like the iPhoto library, it's a simple matter to restore it from the backup.

There's not much we can do to 'protect' it, as trying to copy it would clearly prevent you from rolling back in a 'good' situation (any operations on your photo library would be lost).

Does that make sense and/or help?
Yep, on the iLife programs (like iTunes and iPhoto) that would make sense. I would have both the complete backup and then the Safety clone. I could then either go back on either one of the back-ups, depending on the nature of the situation and whether it involved my personal files or not.

I've already done the complete backup, so now I'll do the Safety Clone and go from there.

Thanks for your help. And thanks for a good implementation of the back-up necessities on the Macintosh -- with your program.

Best Regards
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