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how to get rid of zombie ""script


since upgrading SD (and OSX to SnowLeopard) I have recreated and updated my backup-scripts.
One of the things I donot need any more is the 'ol "update-prebinding-script" which I erased. Unfortunately it is some kind of zombie:

Whenever I start SD I get a setup shown where "" script is included. Note that i currently have only one script-document used (without "") but it shows up anyway. I have tried to leave the convenience: remember sources and targets unchecked but it still raises its ugly head… If I - manually – select my one and only backup-script everything is fine but this is a pain. (If it runs automatically things are fine as well, but this is currently not applicable.)

So where to get the proper wooden stake to get rid of it?


PS: MBP C2D 2.33 3GB Ram OSX 10.6.2
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