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SD: How does SuperDuper handle skipped/pinched off scheduled backups?

couldn't find any information regarding the following question, neither in user's guide nor the forum:

-> how does SuperDuper handle a scheduled backup event which has, for any reason (e.g.: mac was not running at the scheduled time), been skipped?
  1. does it remember the task and carry it out the next time the mac is shut on?
  2. does it just ignore it and skip it, continuing with the next scheduled task at the next scheduled time?

and a related question:

-> what happens to a scheduled backup that started but has been "pinched off"? (e.g. when the mac is running at the time of the scheduled backup, the backup will start correctly. but presume that after a couple of minutes the user shuts down, not keeping in mind that SuperDuper might still be running?)

[clarifying remark so you understand why i'm worrying about these issues: i just installed SuperDuper on my (totally computer-ignorant) mom's mini-mac, and i have no idea yet what all i have to be prepared for... ]
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