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Managing Sierra to High Sierra upgrade

Still running Sierra because of compatibility concerns, especially MS Office 2011. Now about to try it. Need advice on best way to do it.

Macbook Pro 2012 with internal 1 TB SSD and available external 500 GB USB3 SSD. Full clone of internal drive will not quite fit in 500 GB. All HFS+ of course. There are some encrypted disk images, but neither drive is encrypted as a whole.

Here's my plan. But I am not sure it will work the way I hope.
- Sandbox clone from internal to external drive.
- Set boot to external then update to High Sierra. If I understand correctly, I will now be running High Sierra but all user file updates will still occur on the internal drive.
- If I want to revert to Sierra, I just have to switch back to booting on the internal drive.
- If I want to stay with High Sierra, I run the OS updater again on the internal drive.
- Either way I don't have to copy anything from the external to the internal drive.
- I would need to clone both drives to fully back up using SD.

1. Does this plan work?

2. What's the best way to handle Time Machine during the transition period? I have a pair of HFS+ encrypted 2TB USB3 drives used in alternation for Time Machine.

3. If I end up running High Sierra I will want to migrate to APFS. First step is probably to clone to an encrypted APFS drive with SD. Then what?
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