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Copy Job Error Message

I updated to Mavericks from Mountain Lion a week ago and on Saturday my regularly scheduled weekly SuperDuper (v2.7.1) backup was scheduled to run. I neglected to mount the backup drive so, of course, the backup failed giving a correct error message. (It's not the first time and it won't be the last. Waiting excitedly for v2.7.2!) However, in addition there was a message, presumably from the OS, that I have not seen before:

"Copy job" would like to control this computer using accessibility features. Grant access to this application in Security & Privacy preferences, located in System Preferences.

The buttons were <Open System Preferences> and <Deny>.

I chose Deny, quit SuperDuper, mounted the backup drive and then launched SuperDuper and ran the scheduled backup manually from the schedule window. The backup completed successfully without incident.

Is the Copy job error message an anomaly or is there something that I need to authorize for SuperDuper to do unattended backups?
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