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Slow boot of 8core Intel mac from cloned drive

I temporarily installed a second internal drive (brand new Western Digital E7K1000 SATA 3GB Caviar Green WD10EADS 1TB HD, 32MB cache sata-300) in my 8 core Intel/Mac, 3ghz with 4 GB Ram, OSX 10.5.8 and formatted it for the Intel/Mac with 1 partition and used SuperDuper 2.5 to "copy all files" in order to make a bootable clone of the primary drive. I then removed the primary drive and replaced it with the cloned drive for test purposes.

Although the cloned drive seems to work well within the limits of the software that I tested, the initial boot time was considerably longer than noted with the primary drive. I shut the machine down and re-booted and although the boot time remained about the same as the initial test, on this occasion, a file (most likely plain text) opened on the desktop that was labeled "code."

Has anyone encountered this type of phenomena both in regards to the extended boot time and the aforementioned file and if so is there a remedy?

Thank you in advance.
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