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exclude a big folder in the backup?

There are workarounds for me, but I was wondering if it was possible to easily do a complete backup with SuperDuper *excluding* one VERY BIG folder. As in, backup everything, but ignore this folder.

I have a 100GB software package that I've just installed with my otherwise 80GB home disk, and I only have a 160GB backup disk handy.Until I get a bigger backup disk, I'd really like to have a backup of the System (and other stuff, ideally) that I can use to boot from if I have a problem with my home disk. If something happens to my 100GB software package, I can just take an hour or two to reinstall it if I have to.

As for bootable backups, Target Disk Mode isn't an option, since I've got Thunderbolt on everything, and no TB<->TB cables yet.

Yeah, I could have done this if I had thought of it BEFORE I installed that humungous software package, but I didn't realize it wouldn't fit on my backup disk with the rest. As a result, I now have a system that is unbackupable.
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