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Larry_Leville 11-26-2004 03:58 AM

Backup crashed - some GB on HD are still occupied - but where
I tried a backup from my iBook G3 30GB to a Firewire 80GB HD. OsX warned me somewhere in the middle of the process: "Disk space is low". During that backup process I started deleting some 2 GB. SuperDuper (ver71) crashed anyway (No space left on device).
Now the 30GB Harddisk is completly full and the backup failed. There must be some Temp-files from SuperDuper that I donīt find. Does anyone know where to look?

dnanian 11-26-2004 08:12 AM

Hi, Larry. What happened here is that your FireWire drive suddenly disconnected during the backup, and dropped completely off the bus: something we've seen a few times, but not often.

When this occurs, we retry the copy, but instead of failing it copies directly into the special "mount point" that OSX creates, which instead of going to the firewire drive goes to the main hard drive instead.

Disconnect the FireWire drive and look in the special /Volumes directory on your boot drive. In there, you'll see a folder with the same name as the external hard drive. In there you'll find the files from the backup: drag the whole folder to the trash and empty it, and you should be all set.

However, there remains a problem with your hard drive: this kind of things shouldn't happen, and indicates severe issues with the drive. I'd contact the drive manufacturer to see if there are any firmware updates available, and apply whatever they've made available...

Hope that helps!

Larry_Leville 11-29-2004 10:54 AM

Thanks a lot! Did find the blocked disk space. But it still remains the problem with the firewire connection. No firmware for the Harddisk available. Maybe its the external FireWire-Case, thats corrupt...

dnanian 11-29-2004 02:17 PM

Yes, I think that's exactly it -- the case, and its bridge chipset, is what's causing the issue...

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