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tuqqer 11-24-2005 07:30 AM

Can SD see/use CC made by another backup app?
Question: I have a second drive in my G5 tower that has a carbon copy created by another program. I'm about to use SuperDuper 2 for the first time (I'm a registered v1 user). Do I need to first erase all that data, or will SuperDuper be able to see what's there, and just replace the files that have changed since that carbon copy made a week ago?

On a side note: David, I wonder if you're aware of how revolutionary your v2 SuperDuper really is. By that, I mean that is is the first backup program, IMHO, that someone can suggest to ones mom (i.e., anyone that doesn't spend their life in front of a computer and just wants to know how to do the basics of computing life). NO other backup has ever done this. Every time I see your "What's going to happen" explanatory text, I want to clap with joy. Why no other backup program ever did this, is beyond my comprehension, given the critical nature of any backup gesture (I mean, you can overwrite your drive, fer god's sake!). I have over 30 newbies that I help, and I finally can send the email out to all them that I've been wanting to write for years: "Get this backup program NOW. Further, I don't even have to explain how it works, because it's that easy!" Many, many thanks.

dnanian 11-24-2005 09:11 AM

Thanks for the kind words, tugger!

Regarding the other copy, it shouldn't be a problem -- they're just files. Smart Update can handle it (though it might copy more than it would with an SD! copy if the other program didn't properly copy the metadata, dates, etc).

Hope that helps, and thanks again.

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