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guelexy 08-11-2008 09:43 AM

problem due to a computer running Windows
Well, I have bought SuperDuper and now I have on my hard disk a file named 'SuperDuper!.dmg' that I can't use with my computer which is running Windows. :(

I didn't think to this eventuality. In fact, I bought this software to make a gift and I imagined I would somehow obtain a file of large size and to burm it on a CD to give it with the serial number.
But the file I have is 2,73 MB and it would be a pity to spoil a 700 MB CD to burn it.

I plan to send the file as a 'piece attached' email to the person.
Is this solution a good one ? Will the person be able to install the software from the emailed file on his Macintosh computer ?

Thank you

dnanian 08-11-2008 10:35 AM

Yes, that should work fine. Or, if they have sufficient email access to the internet, have them simply download the product from my web site.

guelexy 08-11-2008 12:23 PM

One more precision please.
In the Home page of, I extracted the following link at the bottom of the text concerning SuperDuper:

I'll give this link to the person I want to send SuperDuper as a gift, and when he will click on the downloaded file obtained through this link, he will be asked the serial number, and then the installation of Super Duper on his computer will start, am I right ?

He will have to keep the downloaded file if he want to do again installation or a new downloaded file will run with the same key ? In case of crash of the installed SuperDuper AND lost of of the downloaded installator.

Thank for you 2 answers, and the coming one.

dnanian 08-11-2008 12:24 PM

No. Just have them use the link in the receipt itself, or send them to They can download from there, and then they need to install and follow the steps in the receipt to enter the serial number.

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