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jacob.patton 12-21-2007 11:32 PM

SuperDuper? Not very... Keychain crash, Leopard, backups -- oh my!
Hi there,

I'm visiting my parents over the holidays, and no sooner do I boot up my MacBook to do some work do I encounter an interminable blue screen with the spinning gear icon -- it doesn't even make it to the login screen. Of course, this was the first reboot after I installed the latest Macbook/Macbook Pro Software update 1.1 on my OS X.5 machine.

The bad news: A call to AppleCare confirmed my worst fears -- that somehow my keychain was interminably corrupt. They recommended I use my Leopard install DVD (which at the moment is 1,000 miles away) to perform an archive and install.

The good news: While I don't have my Leopard DVD, I *do* have a portable hard-drive with a SuperDuper clone of my boot drive, and I'm able to boot from it -- in fact, I'm using this drive as my boot drive to type this right now. So far things have been working *mostly* fine -- I'm missing a few profile configurations, software is asking for registration, and I had to re-install MySQL.

The problem: What do I do now? I'm itching to restore my onboard drive from the SD copy so I can resume using the portable drive for backups, but is this the best course of action? If I *do* perform a restore of this nature, will I later be able to use my TimeMachine backup (also 1,000 miles away at the moment) to restore any critical files that I might discover missing from the current SD backup? I'm just not sure what to do, and I would really like to avoid future turmoil.

Any advice on this problem is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Thanks, Dave, for the awesome app, by the way. Would you believe I only realized SD doesn't really work with Leopard when I came to this site just now to get advice on my particular problem? So far my backup is working out great (with the exceptions I mention above, I guess)!



dnanian 12-22-2007 12:22 PM

I'd actually just restore your keychain, Jacob. Don't restore the SuperDuper! copy... since we're not fully compatible, I can't guarantee what'll happen...

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