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nalsdixit 10-23-2005 06:26 AM

using safety clone
not clear what is the most efficent/safe way to use it

aa) always run off a safety clone. install new systerm updates on it, if it works also update your main disk ?. problem with this is difficult to keep track of what has been updated or not on which system, unless i copy back the safety clone to main drive is not recommended.

bb) alternate is to back up system to safety clone, run off main drive, install system upgrade to main drive, if something goes wrong, boot up from safety drive. problem with this is the same, that cloninig back the safety clone to main drive is not recommended

am just trying to find a solution that is easier to keep track of and does not entail frequent changes of the startup disk. however unless i reverse clone the safety disk back, seems not ?


dnanian 10-23-2005 11:06 AM

It's actually pretty easy to run from a Safety Clone and keep track of what's changed -- I describe one way of doing it in the User's Guide. But, you can clone back -- see elsewhere on the forum for the procedure. I just don't want people doing it without being careful! That's the main thing, truly.

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