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Bryanmc 03-06-2008 05:23 PM

How would I manage multiple external hard drives?
Here's my situation, I'm trying to figure the best way to get this done.

I have external hard drives for each of my clients. I need to come up with a good backup solution for them. I'll use them for a few days on a project, then put them back in storage and might not pull them out again for a few months.

I'd love to be able to work out a solution with a Time Capsule, though if that's too difficult then I can just connect a large drive to the G5.

Would I have to partition the backup drive for each of the client drives or could I just save disk images onto the backup drive? And could that be done on a Time Capsule?

Basically what I want to do is whenever I'm finished with a drive, run a backup of it before putting it in storage. If this can easily be done with a Time Capsule then that would be my first choice. If it's much easier to do it with a drive connected to the G5 then that's fine too.

Sorry for the idiot questions, but I kinda am about this stuff.


dnanian 03-06-2008 06:35 PM

Well, you could probably do it with a drive attached to Time Capsule, sure, but it'll be relatively slow. See the User's Guide section on "Backing up over a network", and the "Airport Disks" post at the blog.

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