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themacguy 09-17-2003 12:28 PM

difference between this and sharing with iTunes 4.01?
Not clear on what this allows you to do differently as compared to sharing one iTunes 4.01 Mac with another iTunes 4.01 Mac on a LAN. Please clarify.

dnanian 09-17-2003 01:36 PM

Be happy to, MacGuy.

iTunes is designed to share a library amongst multiple copies of iTunes. Works great, for that purpose (though if the "server" isn't running, the music isn't there -- see our product "launchTunes" for a solution to that issue).

But, if you've got a Macintosh connected to your stereo -- as an example -- you can share the music with iTunes 4.0 sharing, sure...but you can't control the other copy of iTunes from any Macintosh in your home or office.

That's where netTunes comes in. When you're in one location, and the iTunes you want to "control" is in another, netTunes gives you full control over that remote copy, using iTunes' native interface.

So, while iTunes remotes the *music*, netTunes remotes the *control*.

Does that make sense?

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