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BudSimrin 12-15-2004 11:09 AM

Virtual PC won't run from Sandbox
When I double click on it, nothing at all happens. When I reboot to Macintosh HD, it runs fine.

dnanian 12-15-2004 11:26 AM

That's strange: I use Virtual PC all the time from my Sandbox. Do you get any errors in the Console, Bud?

BudSimrin 12-15-2004 11:34 AM

No console messages. Simply nothing happens.

When I created Sandbox, I had left VPC in a SAVED state. I hadn't shut it down. Should that matter? I shut it down just now but didn't reclone (because Sandbox has newer stuff) and then rebooted Sandbox. Same result.

dnanian 12-15-2004 11:51 AM

Saved vs. unsaved shouldn't matter at all. What version of Virtual PC are you running?

Try manually copying the Virtual PC application from your Macintosh HD to the Sandbox (replacing the link). Will it run from there?

BudSimrin 12-15-2004 12:14 PM

Can't manually copy it. Message says "One or more items have special permissions and cannot be copied. Do you want to skip them?" What now?

dnanian 12-15-2004 12:22 PM

OK. Can you run it directly off the original location on Macintosh HD?

Regardless, we can modify the copy script to copy, rather than share, this application: that may resolve the problem. To do so:

- Create a new copy script
- Enter an appropriate description
- In the 2nd tab, include the original Safety Clone script you were using
- In the 3rd tab, navigate to the Virtual PC folder (or, if it's directly in Applications, to the application itself) under /Applications. Select it, and then change the command in front to "Copy".
- Save this with an appropriate name.

Then, re-safety clone, using your own script. That'll copy, rather than share, VPC -- let me know if it works like that.

BudSimrin 12-15-2004 12:28 PM

To answer your 1st question, no, I cannot run it even from Macintosh HD (unless I 1st boot from Macintosh HD).

I won't be able to implement your suggestion for a day or so. I'll have to update Macintosh HD before I reclone and I have some errands I have to run now. Thanks for all the help this morning. As usual, great support!

dnanian 12-15-2004 12:37 PM

OK, Bud -- I'll be around when you get back, of course...

BudSimrin 12-16-2004 12:12 AM

Success! ... mostly. VPC 6 DOES run now, so the bottom line is complete success. I'm a little confused, however.

I did a little more than you suggested. I created a new copy script using the original safety clone script as suggested. On the 3rd tab, however, in addition to COPYing the VPC folder I also SHAREd several folders including the containing folder of VPC. That is, I have a special folder in the root of Macintosh HD named Apps (different from Applications), and inside that folder at the 1st level is the VPC folder. I wanted to share all the files inside Apps with the exception of wanting to copy VPC. So, I made Copy VPC the last line on the 3rd tab figuring it would override the earlier command to share Apps.

However, after I cloned and restarted from Sandbox, it indicates that all of Apps is shared INCLUDING VPC. (I much prefer to share VPC rather than copy it because it is so huge; but, of course, I was trying to copy it.) So, was I wrong in assuming that the later lines in tab 3 override the earlier lines? Regardless, VPC runs just fine now. I took the time to shut down VPC (as opposed to saving the state) before cloning so maybe that made the difference?

Here's another quirk. Several files in the Login Items startup preference pane list as unknown, yet they were correctly loaded. These include Alepin, Bookit Menu, escapepod, Fkey Listener, Launchbar, Meeorologist, Seti Menu, Show Desktop, SnapZ Pro, Temperature Monitor Light, and Microsoft Database Daemon. (Actually, only the latter appears not to have loaded which is excellent by me. I haven't been able to get rid of it up to now). Also, iClock 1.30 was MISSING from the Login Items yet it correctly loaded! I guess I have no complaints because everything is working exactly the way I want. Again, thanks so much for a wonderful program.

Now that I know how all this works, I get to configure the computer of an 84 year old friend who I enticed into purchasing SuperDuper!.


dnanian 12-16-2004 11:00 AM


Hm. I don't think you quite wanted to do what you did! You can't share a parent folder while copying a child: it doesn't make any sense. You can share the *contents* of /Apps (in your case) while copying VPC, but you should do it in the opposite order, namely:

share Apps/*
copy VPC

(you have to hand-edit the Apps line to add the /*, just double-click)

I can't explain why those other items would be 'unknown', but it's likely because they're links rather than programs... as long as they're loading, you should be OK.

Glad you're working!

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