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BudSimrin 12-15-2004 12:00 AM

Troubles With CronniX
I'm booting from Sandbox. I created several script applications by modifying your Daily Backup script. If I double click them, they run just fine. But, at least in Sandbox, I can't get CronniX to run them. In CronniX I'm testing them with RUN NOW. I created the CronniX schedules as per your docs: I did the prepend and then navigated to the apps.

I'm having related troubles with Norton Live Updates' Scheduler. The problem may or may not have to do with SuperDuper! I didn't notice the scheduler not working before installing SuperDuper! but I can't be sure. Norton Scheduler fails to remember schedules. I create them and then they disappear if I exit and rerun Scheduler. Also, new schedules don't appear in CronniX whereas the previous schedules still show in CronniX, but they don't appear to work. I rebooted to Macintosh HD and both Norton and CronniX behaved this same way so this may not be a SuperDuper! issue.

Also, are you aware that if one changes a path for an application that CronniX doesn't follow the change? CronniX must be manually updated to use the new location! Very un-Mac behavior.

dnanian 12-15-2004 08:35 AM

Well - CronniX , and Cron itself, an part of the Unix layer, which might explain why you find them un-Mac like!

My guess is that since the script you're running is on the original drive, it might not be following the link.The schedules are isolated on the sandbox, which is why they relaters when you rolled back. But that doesn't explain why they wouldn't run on the original.

Try storing the scripts in your Home folder rather than in Applications, and see if that works for you while I run some tests here.

dnanian 12-15-2004 10:36 AM

OK, Bud: I don't see any reason why the Cron jobs you scheduled with CronniX wouldn't work in your Sandbox: /usr/bin/open (the "prefix") does indeed follow links, so it should work fine.

Do you get any errors or anything in the console when the failure occurs?

BudSimrin 12-15-2004 11:26 AM

OK, I moved one script to my Home folder. Same results. I only get the Cron dialog box with the words below, but nothing happens as best as I can tell. When I double click on the script app, I get to immediately observe SuperDuper! opening and see the script running. Can this be working, but in the background, and I'm just not being patient enough? Maybe when the run finishes there actually is no data to report in the dialog box and so it looks as though nothing is happening when in reality it is working?

Dialog box words:

Running command
/usr/bin/open "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/bud/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Bud's Script Applications/Smart Daily Backup"
The output will appear below when the command has finished executing

dnanian 12-15-2004 11:32 AM

Wait a second, Bud: why are these in Application Support? Are you scheduling the AppleScript or the Copy Script? You have to schedule the AppleScript application, not the copy script (which is loaded by the AppleScript)...

BudSimrin 12-15-2004 12:10 PM

Yes, I'm scheduling the application. I just put them in Application Support for convenience to be near the applescipts. You said to try the home folder.

A new development... I tried scheduling this same script application using iCal as suggested in another thread, and it is working as we speak. I can just use this method instead I guess. 6 one way, half a dozen the other. Still, it is strange that I'm having this CronniX problem. As for CronniX, it does still successfully run some (non-SuperDuper!) scheduled applications, so it appears to be working.

dnanian 12-15-2004 12:13 PM

Very strange, Bud, as this method is working for a lot of other people. I'm not sure what the difference is, but at least you've got it working with iCal!

I'll continue to try to reproduce your problem at this end. If you think of anything that might help me duplicate the situation, please let me know.

BudSimrin 12-22-2004 11:20 AM

Success with CronniX. If I put the original script applications on Sandbox and not on Macintosh HD, then CronniX works from when booting from Sandbox; otherwise not.

BudSimrin 12-22-2004 11:22 AM

Moreover, the iCal method of scheduling appears only to work if iCal is always running. Otherwise, iCal runs the application scripts as soon as it is opened. So CronniX is the superior approach for me because I normally do not run iCal.

dnanian 12-22-2004 11:22 AM

Strange, but I'm glad it's working, Bud!

dnanian 12-22-2004 11:24 AM

Well, that shouldn't be true in the default iCal configuration.

iCal has an 'alarm agent' that normally runs in the background, even when iCal isn't running. Did you remove that from your startup items, or turn it off in iCal's preferences?

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